THE CHOSEN by Kristina Ohlsson

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The Fredrika Bergman Series, Book 5

Fredrika Bergman is a brilliant crime analyst & Alex Recht is a police inspector, and together they solve crimes in Stockholm, Sweden.

Peder Rydh, former police and newly minted head of security at the Solomon Center, a Jewish community, is immediately thrust into turmoil. A preschool teacher is shot and killed in the middle of the afternoon pickup, and a short time later two ten-year-old boys go missing.

The boys are found dead the next day, left in the woods with paper bags over their heads. The story starts escalating, landing Fredrika in Israel and involving Efraim, a Mossad agent, as well as Eden, an agent with Sago, the Swedish secret police.

This is an intricate story with tentacles that reach to an Israeli myth of “the Paper Boy”, a Mossad operation gone horribly wrong, and the Sago investigator’s personal crisis, yet never gets bogged down. If only these principal investigators weren’t all so secretive, the murders could probably have been solved a hundred pages sooner, but what’s the fun in that.
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THE CHOSEN by Kristina Ohlsson. Atria/Emily Bestler Books (December 6, 2016).  ISBN 978-1476734064. 496p.


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