BIBLIOPHILE by Jane Mount9

September 20, 2018
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An Illustrated Miscellany 

I am a long time fan of Jane Mount’s art and often spend time drooling over her website, the Ideal Bookshelf. If you are not a complete book wonk like me, Mount offers paintings/prints similar to the cover of this book. She has hundreds of collections and books to choose from and you can create your own “ideal bookshelf”. This is my dream gift!

This book is a really fun read for any book lover. Fully illustrated, there are pages for almost every genre, like historical fiction and romance, but also super creative ones like “Book Club Darlings,” “Novels of the Millennium: Optimists Confusion,” “Books Made into Great TV,” and collections of titles with various covers, like Pride & Prejudice and 1984.

Also included are many illustrations of “Beloved Bookstores” and “Striking Libraries” from around the world. Mount offers her unique illustrations of the Strand (NYC), Librairie D&Q (Quebec), San Librario (Bogota) bookstores and the Library of Parliament (Ottowa), Seattle Central Library, the Stephen A. Schwarzman Building of The New York Public Library (the one with the lions) and lots more.

There are fun quizzes, like “Fictional Planet Universe” where there are illustrations of 20 or so planets and you have to name the book or comic where the planet appears. She offers insight into how books are made (“The Physical Book,”) “Designers’ Picks” and “Writing Rooms.” There are “Writers Pets,” “Read Around the World” maps, “Every Day Food Inspiration” and many more.

I could go on for days and tell you about every page in this book, but it is so much better to see it for yourself. Amazon has some of the illustrations available:

Did I mention I love this book? With the holidays right around the corner (have you seen the Christmas decorations at Costco?!) this book would make a beautiful gift for the book lover in your life.

You’re welcome.

9/18 Stacy Alesi, AKA the BookBitch™

BIBLIOPHILE by Jane Mount. Chronicle Books; Illustrated edition (September 11, 2018). ISBN 978-1452167237. 224p.

ART, INC. by Lisa Congdon

September 24, 2014

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I earned my Bachelor’s degree in English, an endeavor which has long been the source of great jokes about the serious lack of employment opportunities (can you spell SUPERSIZED?) Art majors don’t have it much easier. But the thing is, some of the brightest and most creative people are pursuing their passion before reality hits and they have to get a job.

This book helps point the way for artists to find more creative and worthy outlets for their passion than just teaching (not that there’s anything wrong with teaching!) What Congdon has created with this book is more of a business guide for artists, with clearly laid out chapters and lots of good advice.

She speaks from experience. Congdon shares a lot of her art online, and has parlayed that into a money making enterprise. She includes such practical advice as opening a bank account to how to buy a scanner. There are interviews with illustrators, fine artists, and others.

Best of all, Congdon offers lots of good advice like how to use social media to your benefit and how to deal with galleries. She also talks about the illustration jobs she’s had and how she got them, and how you can too. Learn how to price your work, photograph it and market it like a pro. And if your confidence needs a boost, well, she addresses that as well.

Buy this book for the artist in your life and they will thank you.

9/14 Stacy Alesi

ART, INC. by Lisa Congdon. Chronicle Books (August 12, 2014). ISBN 978-1452128269. 184p.