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Rick Cahill Thrillers, Book 3

Matt Coyle introduced the character of Rick Cahill in previous novels making Cahill into a person with a seemingly shady past. First, Rick’s wife was murdered 12 years ago causing Cahill to be arrested and possibly charged with the crime.

Next the La Jolla, California police department, for whom Rick once worked, is looking at him for the possible murder of a missing person. The body has never appeared, but Tony Moretti , the chief of police for La Jolla, is determined to charge and prosecute Rick for the crime.

Cahill is at the point where his seemingly shady past is preventing him from earning a proper living. When he is contacted by Brianne Colton, a beautiful country, western singer to investigate the death of her estranged husband, Rick does so for the opportunity to earn some money. Brianne’s husband’s death has been ruled a suicide by the police, but she thinks that it was murder. She wants Cahill to investigate the situation to find the real cause, if different than police findings.

Taking the case, Rick gradually changes his opinion and does believe the death was murder. He also falls for Brianne and it looks like it is mutual with a romantic set of interludes interlaced with the story taking place.

The plot thickens with both the La Jolla police and the FBI looking to stop the investigation of Brianne’s husband’s death. Police chief Moretti is constantly pursuing Rick for the possible murder he suspects him of and we have an engrossing story, well written, and of course ending with the makings of the next book in this series. Certainly Matt Coyle will intrigue the reader with both the plots and characterizations presented.

12/16 Paul Lane

DARK FISSURES by Matt Coyle. Oceanview Publishing (December 6, 2016).  ISBN 978-1608092260. 416p.


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