OCEAN OF STORMS by Christopher Mari & Jeremy K. Brown

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A sudden massive explosion on the moon leaves a vast gash on the lunar surface. It also sends a titanic electromagnetic pulse to earth which becomes the cause of failure of all electrical equipment and causing plane crashes, auto accidents and the stoppage of machinery used to keep civilization running.

At this time China and the United States are embroiled in harsh disagreements looking like they will lead to war. The problem in this hostile scenario is Taiwan and if it is to be annexed by China.

Treaties provide that the United States will protect it. At the time of the explosion on the moon, the U.S. is sending a fleet to the waters near Taiwan in order to put on a show of force to prevent the Chinese Annexation.

The United States is also looking at the lunar explosion and has made the decision to send an expedition there to enter the gash created and find out what is the cause. NASA has not sent a space craft to the moon in many years and has to enter a crash program in order to bring an older ship up to snuff. China has also started to mount a lunar expedition and looks like it may beat out the U.S. in getting to the moon. But a very fortuitous chain of events cause the two rivals to become forced to send a joint expedition.

China has an excellent flight rocket, but their lander is not up to the needs required to land on the moon’s surface, while the U.S. has the lander but must bow to the Chinese rocket. A sensible combined effort is quickly put together and takes off.

There is friction at first between the International crew but quickly becomes friendship when problems arise that must be handled quickly in order for the expedition to succeed. The moon is reached and the gash is entered. What is there, and what it means forms the gist of the novel while guiding the actions of the now united International crew members.

Ocean of Storms is well done science fiction and the development of the action nicely includes the characters as well. The book provides a fast paced read and does an excellent job of keeping the reader’s interest and attention.

12/16 Paul Lane

OCEAN OF STORMS by Christopher Mari & Jeremy K. Brown . 47North (December 1, 2016).  ISBN 978-1503938779. 410p.


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