EX-PURGATORY by Peter Clines

February 8, 2014

The fourth novel in Peter Clines’ bestselling Ex series.

Every day is the same for George Bailey. He gets up and goes to work at the local college where he works as a maintenance person. At night he might go out with his best friend, Nic. The next day it starts all over again, the only difference is whether or not his old car wants to cooperate. But when George sleeps, everything is different. In his dreams he’s strong and he’s constantly fighting masses of the walking dead. Weird as the dreams are, they’re still just dreams. But then George begins to see that same glazed and dead look in the eyes of people around him.

A second glance proves it’s just his imagination until Madelyn Sorenson arrives. Maddie claims that what George sees in his dreams is reality and in that world George is a superhero who can fly and spit fire. As more and more pieces of George’s dream world appear in his daily life, he starts to wonder if Maddie might be on to something after all. But if she’s right, then how did they end up here?

This fourth in Peter Clines’s awesome and action packed zombies versus superheroes series is fabulous. It’s got everything I’ve come to expect from one of Clines’s books plus a plot that will make your head spin.

2/14 Becky Lejeune

EX-PURGATORY by Peter Clines. Broadway Books (January 14, 2014). ISBN 978-0804136617. 352p.


January 31, 2014

Elisa’s life has always felt somewhat beyond her control and her fate is not one of her own choosing. She bears the Godstone and is destined for greatness… at least that’s how the legends read. Just one person is chosen every hundred years to bear the stone and Elisa has always felt that it was an honor bestowed upon her by mistake.

When her father promises her hand to the king in nearby Brisadulce, she understands that it is a political maneuver. She can’t help but feel the match is one her sister would be more suited to, but Elisa is a dutiful daughter. While traveling to her new home, the entourage is attacked and Elisa realizes that the Godstone has made her a target. She learns that her new marriage is meant to protect her but unfortunately, even in Brisadulce, Elisa has enemies. Those set to seek out the bearer of the Godstone will not give up their search and Elisa’s strength will be put to the test very soon.

Rae Carson’s teen fantasy trilogy kicks off with this impressive first installment.

The world building in The Girl of Fire and Thorns is especially spectacular. Not only has Carson created a history and a mythology around this world—one that’s quite unlike anything I’ve seen—but she’s also carefully constructed the government and politics of the world as well. And it’s this political backbone that is the core of the story as a whole as Elisa fights to gain support and control of her fate and that of her country.

1/14 Becky Lejeune

THE GIRL OF FIRE AND THORNS by Rae Carson. Greenwillow Books (August 21, 2012). ISBN 978-0062026507. 448p.


January 21, 2014

The third novel in Peter Clines’ bestselling Ex series.

The Mount has grown into a flourishing community in spite of the horde of undead that clamor at the gates. As they ready themselves for their first official election, it seems the population has begun to split into two factions: those who believe the undead should be put down and those who believe they are still people.

The friction only grows worse when a girl with a very unusual power arrives. At the same time Barry seems to be coming under extreme stress, talking to people who aren’t there. When George learns the truth, it’s something of a blessing and a curse for the heroes who have worked so hard to keep their little settlement alive and well. And with Legion still planning his big revenge, it seems likely things could take a turn for the worse.

Peter Clines never ceases to amaze. Each new installment of the Ex-Heroes series is a new and unique chapter in the story. The characters continue to grow as they face new hurdles brought on by the zombie apocalypse and Clines always has something unexpected to add as well. This third book offers up not one but two “new” heroes, each with super cool back stories

1/14 Becky Lejeune

EX-COMMUNICATION by Peter Clines. Broadway Books (July 9, 2013). ISBN 978-0385346825. 352p.