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After a meeting of the Jewish Defense League in New York, one of their members is murdered by two Islamic terrorists. NYPD Lt. Barry Wintraub is called upon to investigate the crime.

While investigating the murder, Lt. Wintraub comes up with evidence  that the group the two terrorists belong to is planning to blow up the dining room of a huge hotel in the Catskill mountains. Their reasons for doing so are the speech planned there by an Israeli military hero and a huge gathering and dinner honoring Chaim Eban, the Israeli general.

The speech and the dinner will take place during the Passover celebration with a large amount of wealthy Jews who are expecting to make donations for Israel during General Eban’s visit.

Mr Neiderman’s novel is a very interesting deviation from most books about terrorist’s plots. Both sides are well fleshed out. The Islamic group is portrayed as doing their best to aid their country and advance the cause they are fighting for. The Americans include a member of the Israeli Mossad and Wintraub’s wife and daughter.

Wintraub’s supervisor does not believe that there is enough evidence to substantiate the planned attack on the hotel. Barry is convinced enough to take a vacation and go with his family to stay there.

Neiderman brings in a large group of characters and does an excellent job of fleshing them out. Beside Wintraub’s family, a member of the Israeli Mossad,the owner of the hotel and his son and others working on the case the Islamic terrorists are also made into thinking beings. Neiderman goes into the terrorist’s minds and develops them into people who feel that for many reasons they are fighting for their country. There is a love between one of the terrorists and his girl friend. The girl is not aware of the totality of the plot and would be appalled if made aware of the devastation planned.

The plot is not complicated, but the reader is treated to a well written book and an insight into people that are caught up in it on both sides. Very well done.

3/15 Paul Lane

THE TERRORIST’S HOLIDAY by Andrew Neiderman. Open Road Media Mystery & Thriller (March 10, 2015).  ISBN: 978-1497693951.

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