LACY EYE by Jessica Treadway

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Three years after the attack that left her widowed and permanently disfigured, Hanna still has no memory of the actual event. Then the man she’s sure is responsible is granted a retrial and without her testimony there is a chance that he could walk free.

Rud Petty, their daughter Dawn’s boyfriend, had come to visit for the Thanksgiving holiday but while everyone else was out, the house was apparently broken into. Rud claimed innocence saying he must have slept through the whole thing, but it was clear the police believed he was responsible. And so Rud and Dawn left.

Hours later someone entered the home, disarmed the alarm system, and beat Hanna and her husband with a croquet mallet. Initially Dawn was considered a suspect along with Rud, but Hanna has always been certain that Rud acted alone. A mother knows this kind of thing. And yet, in spite of that, there are many who still believe Dawn played a part in the crime. Now Dawn is back and everyone but Hanna wonders what her real motivation in returning might be.

Lacy Eye is a scary premise – not only the fact that a potential murderer could walk free, but that he could walk free because his only surviving victim is mentally incapable of remembering the actual crime. And then there’s the prospect that someone near and dear could have some role in such a horrendous attack. The reader isn’t sure because Hanna isn’t sure. And Hanna is pretty unwavering in her conviction that Dawn didn’t do anything wrong. But Treadway does a fabulous job playing on that niggling bit of doubt in both Hanna’s mind as well as the reader’s.

3/15 Becky LeJeune

LACY EYE by Jessica Treadway. Grand Central Publishing; First Edition edition (March 10, 2015). ISBN: 978-1455554072. 352p.

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  1. ewhatley says:

    I just finished this one about a week ago and thought it was very well written. The entire time I was reading, I kept wondering how different and how much better this family’s life would have been if Hanna had chosen to be honest and expected honesty from others. While this was a little frustrating, I thoroughly enjoyed the book. Maybe others who read this book will learn the lesson of living in realty rather than avoiding the truth.

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