THE REWIND by Allison Winn Scotch 

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One of Amazon’s Best Romances of November!

Two exes wake up together with wedding bands on their fingers—and no idea how they got there. They have just one New Year’s Eve at the end of 1999 to figure it out in this big-hearted and nostalgic rom-com from New York Times bestselling author Allison Winn Scotch.

When college sweethearts Frankie and Ezra broke up before graduation, they vowed to never speak to each other again. Ten years later, on the eve of the new millennium, they find themselves back on their snowy, picturesque New England campus together for the first time for the wedding of mutual friends. Frankie’s on the rise as a music manager for the hottest bands of the late ’90s, and Ezra’s ready to propose to his girlfriend after the wedding. Everything is going to plan—they just have to avoid the chasm of emotions brought up when they inevitably come face to face.

But when they wake up in bed next to each other the following morning with Ezra’s grandmother’s diamond on Frankie’s finger, they have zero memory of how they got there—or about any of the events that transpired the night before. Now Frankie and Ezra have to put aside old grievances in order to figure out what happened, what didn’t happen…and to ask themselves the most troubling question of all: what if they both got it wrong the first time around?

Publishers Weekly wrote, “…this emotional outing delivers both laughs and poignancy. Fans of Emily Giffin, Katherine Center, and Christina Lauren should check this out.”

Library Journal said, “Nineties nostalgia is alive and well in this moving story of a lost first love and second chances. Readers will enjoy piecing together both the story of the forgotten night and the reasons behind the relationship’s disastrous first ending…the collegiate atmosphere and New Year’s Eve setting make this a cozy, romantic read from Scotch.”

The New York Post listed it in their “Required Reading” feature.

This was a fast, fun read, albeit a slightly confusing one! The morning-after-marriage, when a couple wakes up married to one another but doesn’t remember how it happened is a popular trope in romance. Scotch gives it a nice twist- this couple isn’t sure they are married, and it’s set during New Year’s of the millennial. Remember Y2K?!

Frankie hasn’t really kept up with her college friends. Her career as a music manager has taken off and she’s been traveling the globe with her successful artists. But when she is asked to stand up for her freshman college roommate who really got her through that first year, she can’t say no. She just plans to avoid her ex at all costs.

Ezra and Frankie were best friends before they became lovers, and the breakup was a really bad one. Ezra has a serious girlfriend now – so serious he gave up poker for her, despite the fact he invented a poker app that has made him wealthy beyond measure. He is planning on proposing on this momentous New Year’s Eve, but the best-laid plans go awry when Frankie and Ezra meet up. They haven’t seen one another for ten years, so when they wake up in the single bed in Ezra’s old college dorm room, wearing wedding rings and a few clothes, neither is sure what happened or how they got there. This leads to a series of crazy adventures as they try and figure it all out.

There are plenty of laugh-out-loud moments, and some serious ones as well, and eventually they figure most of it out, including why the new girlfriend shouldn’t be the fiancée. Sometimes your first love is the right love. This was light-hearted fun and thoroughly enjoyable romance.

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11/2022 Stacy Alesi, AKA the BookBitch

THE REWIND by Allison Winn Scotch. Berkley (November 1, 2022). ISBN:‎  978-0593546536. 368p.





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