SWEET HOME ALASKA by Jennifer Snow 

A Wild Coast Novel, Book 1

From the publisher:

When old feelings resurface, will the truth bring them back together?

Skylar Beaumont never wanted to return to Alaska. Still, when duty calls, she can’t refuse. And, as a third-generation “Coastie” and the only female captain in the local coast guard, she has too much to prove. Being stationed in her hometown of Port Serenity isn’t ideal—but she’ll tough it out until her transfer goes through and she can move on to warmer waters. That’s the plan, at least, until she crashes into Dex Wakefield. Again.

Shocked to see his secret high school sweetheart after all this time, Dex can’t help but wonder if he should finally come clean. Skylar deserves to know the real reason why he abandoned the dream they’d shared—and broke her heart. But this small tourist town is home to one big grudge where their families are concerned… And leaving the past behind might be the only way Dex and Skylar will finally realize that their first love deserves a sweet second chance. 

Bonus Novella

In Jennifer Snow’s Love on the Coast, Rachel Hempshaw embarks on a themed cruise, aiming to dispel yet another local legend. But when her ship is caught up in a coast guard operation, one sexy officer makes it his mission to prove the existence of something that Rachel no longer believes in—real love.

Prepare to have your heartstrings tugged in Jennifer Snow’s new novel, Alaska For Christmas!


I read the second book in this series, Alaska for Christmas, and I loved it so much I immediately tracked down the first book in the series. They are probably better read in order, but you do you. I found the ebook at my library through cloudLibrary.

The Wakefields and the Beaumonts have been feuding for generations, although the youngest generation isn’t on board with it. Skylar is a Beaumont, and Dex is a Wakefield, and they secretly dated through high school. They were planning on going to the Coast Guard Academy together after graduation, but a few weeks before they graduate, Dex dumps Skylar with no explanation. She’s pissed off and hurt, and hasn’t spoken to Dex since.

When Skylar is assigned her first captain’s job in her hometown, she has mixed feelings. She knows the area better than just about anyone, but she wanted to go to a warm climate, like California or Florida. She figures she will bide her time at home until she can find another posting.

Dex has been living on his family’s yacht, which he has turned into a rescue boat. He is strictly a volunteer, but helps out the Coast Guard regularly. His wild sister has moved back home and is living with Dex. Turns out he has epilepsy, and really can’t stay alone – unless he gets a service dog. He has been putting that off, but now that Skylar is back in town, he wants to try again with her and his sister will definitely be cramping his style. Luckily for him, she’s allergic to dogs so when he arranges to get a service dog, she will have to move off the yacht.

Meanwhile, for Dex and Skylar, it’s like they were never apart. They both still love one another but have some issues to work through for sure. Dex never told Skylar about his epilepsy or why he didn’t go to the academy, and he is working up the courage to tell her. She is still looking for a position somewhere else, but does she want to leave him? The rescues add a bit of adventure and suspense to the story, and help make this a heartwarming read. I really enjoyed this book, and I’m looking forward to more Snow books in the future. (And yes, that is actually her name!) Happily, she has a pretty good backlist so I’ll be looking at those as well.

Note: both books in the series have a “bonus story” on the cover, but my library edition and the egalley I read didn’t have those.

11/2022 Stacy Alesi, AKA the BookBitch

SWEET HOME ALASKA by Jennifer Snow. HQN; Original edition (May 24, 2022). ISBN:‎ 978-1335448613. 368p.





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