ONE MINUTE OUT by Mark Greaney


The Gray Man, Book 9

From the publisher:

From Mark Greaney, the New York Times bestselling author of Mission Critical and a coauthor of Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan novels, comes another high-stakes thriller featuring the world’s most dangerous assassin: the Gray Man.

While on a mission to Croatia, Court Gentry uncovers a human trafficking operation. The trail leads from the Balkans all the way back to Hollywood.

Court is determined to shut it down, but his CIA handlers have other plans. The criminal ringleader has actionable intelligence about a potentially devastating terrorist attack on the US. The CIA won’t move until they have that intel. It’s a moral balancing act with Court at the pivot point.

The only book more exciting and filled with action involving Court Gentry, “The Gray Man,” is another book about his exploits. And “One Minute Out” certainly fits the bill.

Gentry is an assassin. He works for the CIA but also does paid work for others and has made himself very wealthy doing so. The story opens as The Gray Man is in Croatia fulfilling a private contract. While in the process, he stumbles upon a worldwide human trafficking network and is forced by circumstances to go after it. It is a huge operation netting billions of dollars to its leaders, but in the process making slaves and ruining the lives of countless women and girls forced into sexual slavery.

While handling the Croatian contract, Court meets a young woman whose sister is among the many girls captured by the Consortium (the name of the network). For many reasons he indicates that he will help her rescue her sister and the action begins. Following the route of the kidnapped girls takes Court from the Balkans to Hollywood in the United States. The entire journey is filled with action, with Court and the young girl he is now loosely aligned with following the trail of the ring transporting the women to their ultimate destination where they are to be sold off as sex slaves.

An unforeseen obstacle presents itself when the CIA intervenes, prohibiting Court from killing the head of the kidnapping group as the individual is supplying information to the agency about various criminal activities. Greaney does not hide his feelings about any government agency condoning turning people into slaves under any circumstances. The horrors these women meet when captured is described in graphic detail including their murder when their useful life is overdue to physical impairments.

The author is a master at grabbing his readers, getting them drawn into the action and keeping them glued to the book until finished. This novel is the ninth involving the Gray Man and is another five star read with the reader anxiously awaiting the next one.

2/2020 Paul Lane

ONE MINUTE OUT by Mark Greaney. Berkley (February 18, 2020). ISBN 978-0593098912. 512p.



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