JUST WATCH ME by Jeff Lindsay

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This author made his literary reputation with the creation of Dexter, a picaresque rogue who was also a serial killer. His mitigating feature was that he only killed other serial killers. Can Lindsay top that? Looks like he is giving it a good try with the first book of a new series.

This new novel features as the reverse hero, Riley Wolfe, who is a thief. Not an ordinary one, mind you, but a master thief that looks at very large possibilities not only to get the proceeds but for the adrenaline rush he gets from doing the seemingly impossible.

The novel picks up Riley coming off another successful theft and beginning to look for his next venture. After looking around at many possibilities he comes up with the idea of stealing a diamond held by the Iranian government. Of course not an ordinary run of the mill gem but one of a kind that is so well cut and so large that its value could approximate more than one billion dollars.

Riley realizes that the theft could not take place in Iran but by chance, the gem is part of a group of Iranian state jewels. These are being lent to a prestigious private museum in New York City for a temporary exhibit there. It will be guarded by a new state of the art alarm system plus a contingent of ex-special forces troops, augmented by a squad of Iranian Republican guards. The security will be around the clock as long as the jewels are being exhibited. This is the challenge that Riley decides to accept and moves ahead with plans in spite of the possibility that the jewels cannot be stolen.

Riley is aided by a lady named Monique, who in her own right is a master forger of paintings with her own reputation as the best in her field. In the probable planning of a series, it would appear quite likely that Monique will have her own niche. She is an object of Riley’s attention and will certainly figure as both an aid in the schemes as well his female interest. To round out the action a veteran FBI agent has made himself a master of obtaining the background and interests of Riley Wolfe and has made it his full-time job to chase him in order to put him in prison.

12/19 Paul Lane

JUST WATCH ME by Jeff Lindsay. Dutton (December 3, 2019). ISBN 978-1524743949. 368p.



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