A SPY IN EXILE by Jonathan de Shalit

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De Shalit, who was at one time in his life and under another name a high ranking member of the Israeli Intelligence community, presents his readers with a monumental portrait of an extremely complex woman. Ya’ara Stein was forced out of her job with the Mossad, the Israeli Intelligence agency. Not knowing what to do next she is quietly approached by the Prime Minister of Israel and asked if she will undertake the founding, training and leadership of a secret organization dedicated to finding and killing of the country’s enemies. She and her group will find and eliminate enemies under the supervision of the Prime Minister only.

Ya’ara jumps at the chance feeling that it is right up her alley. A large sequence is devoted to the job of finding candidates whose personalities and temperament suit them for the work of being away from home for long periods, the detective work in finding those individuals that must be eliminated, and above all, coming to grips with their deeds. The people chosen are depicted as being found psychologically fit for the work and also able to take on a life that leaves little time for a personal life. They are real persons, trained by Ya’ara and her second in command.

Their first assignment involving the killing of two enemies of Israel touches all in different ways. Their reactions are not cold-hearted when a young innocent girl is accidentally killed during one of the assassinations. The group agonizes at the lose of the innocent life, but must find the wherewithal to continue.

De Shalit touches on the group’s private lives with the knowledge of how that suffers during their long absences. The ending suits the tone of the novel and indicates a continuation of the group in their tasks without setting any particular prelude to a next book in this series. A definite all nighter, but more so in the questions raised about people involved in the activities that all nations require in order to coexist in our competitive world. These activities always secret and hidden from the majority of the populations of the countries involved.

2/19 Paul Lane

A SPY IN EXILE by Jonathan de Shalit. Atria/Emily Bestler Books (February 5, 2019).  ISBN 978-1501170560. 384p.



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