Virgin River Series by Robyn Carr

I started reading this series on Christmas Eve and I’m up to book 7 and going strong. I’ve read some of Carr’s books in the Grace Valley series, which are related, (rather like Macomber’s series) but then I read that Netflix is turning this into a TV series so I wanted to read them first.

I am really enjoying these books and looking forward to the Netflix series.

“Welcome to Virgin River, a rugged outpost deep in California’s redwood forests built by men of honor for the women they love. Pull up a chair at Jack’s Bar, catch up on the local gossip, order Preacher’s meatloaf and relax. These people will do anything to help one another, strangers welcome—and you won’t be a stranger for long.”

A Note from Robyn on Virgin River and Netflix

Here’s the series order:

Some of the cast has been announced


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