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Navy SEAL Cowboys, Book 3

Navy SEALS who are also Cowboys? At Christmas? Yes, please! The mashup of two sexy professions at my favorite time of year works very well here.

The premise of this series is that three Navy SEALS, forced into retirement after injuries, have purchased a ranch and named it Revival Ranch. They have created a place for other soldiers to come and heal. They have a therapist on staff, and a therapeutic horseback riding expert. Two of the men had PTSD, and from the information gleaned in this book, they have been helped and have found their happily ever after.

This time out it’s the therapist herself in need of romance, along with the third founder, Gabe Cortez. Monica Finley is a single mom who moved to the Montana ranch in hopes of helping the men who need her. She has fallen in love with the place, and finds herself strongly attracted to Gabe but he wants no part of her. Gabe doesn’t suffer from PTSD, but he definitely has some issues, one of which is a strong mistrust of therapy at all.

Gabe is estranged from his family and no one knows why because he will not talk about, not even with his closest friends, the SEALS he calls brothers. Monica has no chance of getting anything out of him, he wears his cynicism of her and her work on his sleeve. Gabe really likes her son, though, and is wonderful with him. Let’s face it, there is no surer way to a woman’s heart than by being kind to her child, and Monica soon finds herself falling in love.

Gabe is not sure why he is attracted to Monica, and he fights it every step of the way, hurting her repeatedly. But her patience knows no bounds, and eventually they find their way to the happy ending but not without hitting some major roadblocks along the way.

It was a really heartwarming romance, with a bit of explicit sex, but it was the characters that really drove this story. I did enjoy the big sky setting as well. This was my first Nicole Helm book, and I will be back for more.

9/18 Stacy Alesi, AKA the BookBitch™

COWBOY SEAL CHRISTMAS by Nicole Helm. Sourcebooks Casablanca (September 4, 2018)). ISBN 978-1492641599.  320p..



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