THE ORACLE YEAR by Charles Soule

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Suppose you woke up one morning and find 108 predictions of future events had come to roost in your head. Than suppose you tested a few out and found that they come true. Now how can you capitalize on this once in a billion occurrence which apparently came only to you.

Soule’s novel is about this nice problem presenting itself to a bassist named Will Dando, who is a resident of Manhattan in New York City. Will quickly comes to the decision that he must protect his anonymity, calling himself the Oracle, and establishing a heavily guarded website with the help of a good friend who is conveniently computer literate.

Very quickly he establishes an enviable reputation with huge companies and wealthy persons who offer him tons of money to present them with predictions. He also gains a like number of enemies that want nothing better than to stop him. These include the President of the United States, a well known televangelist, a power hungry African warlord and the cutest little old grandma who turns out to be a paid killer. He also meets a very beautiful reporter scoring an interview with him and also becoming his love.

The scene of the action taking place is the entire world. There is enough clever tongue-in-cheek comments to allow the reader to completely enjoy a good book and also pick up on the criticisms leveled at customs and mores of modern society.

Soule is a well known comic book franchise writer and strangely enough has waited until now to come out with his first novel. There have just got to be more from an author with this wit and charm in his writing.

4/18 Paul Lane

THE ORACLE YEAR by Charles Soule. Harper Perennial (April 3, 2018).  ISBN 978-0062686633. 416p.

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