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Need a beach vacation? Escape to Nantucket with this latest charmer from Nancy Thayer.

Alison had one of those rare, really good marriages so when her husband died, she never thought she’d marry again. And then she met David, who was pretty much in the same boat. But at their age, they knew pretty quickly that what they had was special and decide to get married on Nantucket, where he has a beautiful home on the beach.

Alison invites her daughters up to Nantucket for the weekend to meet her fiancé. Felicity is married with two children and her husband is working his tail off to get his green food startup running and successful. Jane is a lawyer married to another lawyer and both are completely focused on their careers. The two sisters have never been close, but a weekend alone makes them realize their similarities are stronger than their differences.

David also has children, his son is a big flirt and surprisingly to the prettier Felicity, he goes after Jane. There’s also Poppy, mother of two and being groomed to take over her father’s mega-successful business. Poppy is not too thrilled with the idea of her father remarrying but for the most part, the kids all get along. But as it gets closer to the wedding date, all sorts of obstacles arise.

This is a lovely family saga and a wonderful way to kick off my beach reading…especially considering what kind of winter it’s been! A most enjoyable read.

4/18 Stacy Alesi, AKA the BookBitch™

A NANTUCKET WEDDING by Nancy Thayer.  Ballantine Books (April 3, 2018). ISBN  978-1101967102. 320p.


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