Killer Choice by Tom Hunt

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Killer Choice is Hunt’s first book and certainly highlights the entrance into the literary world of a very promising author. The plot is indicative of a fascinating story about ordinary people caught in a horrible situation and their reactions to their quandary.
Gary Foster and his wife, Beth, have been trying for many years to get pregnant, then when Beth finds that she is pregnant, that news makes a happy marriage even better.
Suddenly their joy is destroyed when it is found that Beth has an inoperable brain tumor with only a short time to live.  The couple are devastated with the news and Gary is horrified to think of having to live the remainder of his life without his love.  They do not have an estimated $200,000.00 to try the only possible solution that may help  Beth.  That is, a new treatment being tested by a company in Germany which has proven  helpful in some cases.  The Fosters receive gifts from many kind people but the funds received do not even come close to the amount needed.
Enter an offer made by someone to Gary.  The money will be given to him; but only with the condition that he has to kill someone. Gary’s anguish on facing a normally total unacceptable choice is well described here. The actions and reactions of all the characters in the novel are well delineated and make a good book much better.
A very well done novel about normal people caught in an abnormal situation not of their doing.

1/18 Paul Lane

KILLER CHOICE by Tom Hunt. Berkley (January 30, 2018).  ISBN 978-0399586408. 352p.

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