SNOW by Mike Bond

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Snow is a typical novel by the very prolific Mike Bond.  It has bad guys and good guys set against each other in an environment, to say the least, hostile for all involved. And that environment is definitely snow and lots of it.

Zack, a former NFL star and currently renowned sportscaster and his friend Steve a successful wall street broker meet every year in Montana with their guide and friend Curt to have a boy’s time out and go hunting for elk.  This year each has a money problem – that is a lack of it, and a need for it sooner than later.

Introduced is the discovery of a crashed private plane with a cargo of two coffins.  The coffins filled with high grade cocaine multi millions of dollars worth even at low end street pricing.

The three individuals each have thoughts about what selling the drugs will do to get them out of their monetary problems. They find that someone survived the crash and walked out of the area certainly to get help in transporting the cocaine to a place where it could begin its normal journey into the hands of the people addicted to it and desperate to get it.

Diego is the name of  the individual tasked with taking care of bringing the drug to Maria Christina the lady that is in charge of the cartel’s operations in the US. Diego has a crush on her and imagines that if he is successful in handling the tasks given to him by Maria she will someday decide that he is worth her devotion and marry him.  These five people are the main players in the novel and Bond does a good job in fleshing them out a process also including those that love them.

The book is not overly complicated and the reactions of all those involved are easy to follow. The ending is a predictable one for those taking part in the story and provides a more than satisfactory ending. Well done and certainly continuing to enhance Bond’s reputation as an author of captivating novels making his next works eagerly waited for.

1/18 Paul Lane

SNOW by Mike Bond. Mandevilla Press; First Publication ed. edition (October 1, 2017).  ISBN 978-1627040372. 268p.

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