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Dan Morgan Thriller

Dan Morgan, the principal protagonist in other Leo J. Maloney books, works for the Zeta Division; a top-secret action group dedicated to hunting down and eradicating America’s enemies. Like Maloney, Dan has worked in Black Ops with his described actions based on first hand knowledge of that world. Dan has witnessed his daughter, against his better judgement, taken into the Zeta Division finding himself with the dual worries of his own tasks and the safety of the girl.

In this novel, one of Dan’s friends, Four Star General James Collins, has been accused of stealing Tomahawk missiles to sell to a foreign power. Dan decides to try and prove the general innocent in spite of orders from the Zeta commander to stand down from that job. At the same time the Division is seeking to capture a Black-market middle man with a connection to a high level North Korean military officer.

As in previous Maloney books, the action is constant and fast and furious. The themes of his books are simplicity itself. The Zeta Division is chasing the enemy with total dedication to the task and with the most modern military weapons and techniques. Military precision is the keynote of operations with coordination in the hands of the commander of the division.

A short summary of Maloney’s next book is featured at the end of Rogue Commander. It will be dedicated to the same treatment of quick and violent action although it is likely that Dan’s daughter will have more of a role in the story.

11/17 Paul Lane

ROGUE COMMANDER by Leo J. Maloney. Lyrical Underground (October 31, 2017).  ISBN 978-1616509804. 254p.


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