EXPOSED by Lisa Scottoline

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A Rosato & DiNunzio Novel, Book 5

I always look forward to a new Scottoline book, especially this series, and the reward is inevitably worth the wait.

This book has a very interesting premise at its heart, an ethics question. Can a partner in a law firm represent someone in a civil suit against another client of the same firm? This dilemma pits Mary against Bennie, and it looks like the partnership may not survive it.

Most of Mary’s clients are from South Philly, where her family lives. They are all so close, even friends feel like family so when Simon gets fired from his job, he goes to Mary for help. His daughter is suffering from leukemia and needs a marrow transplant. The company where he works is self-insured, and his boss keeps making comments about the medical costs. When his sales territory is cut and he misses his quota, he is summarily fired.

The parent company is one of Bennie’s oldest clients, and she doesn’t want Mary to take the case. But Mary can’t see how she can say no to this man she has known all her life, especially when she knows she has the company dead to rights.

It turns out there is more to the story than originally thought. When Simon’s boss is murdered, he is the prime suspect and Mary and Bennie end up working together to help him. There are a lot of twists to this story that really keep the pages turning, especially when Mary & Bennie get too close to solving the murder and have to fight for their lives.

I love the direction that Bennie is moving in – her personal growth is tremendous in this story. This was a one night read for me and now I have to wait another year for the next book in this series, but I comfort myself because it is totally worth the wait! Another excellent addition to the series.

8/17 Stacy Alesi, AKA the BookBitch™

EXPOSED by Lisa Scottoline.  St. Martin’s Press (August 15, 2017).  ISBN 978-1250099716. 352p.


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