IT TAKES ONE by Kate Kessler

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Audrey Harte is a successful Los Angeles criminal psychologist working with children and appearing on a television series called “When Kids Kill.” She hasn’t returned to Edgeport, Maine in several years, moving as far away from her past as possible.

Growing up in the small town left some serious scars – Audrey’s best friend Maggie was sexually abused by her father, and no one would help. The teenage girls took matters into their own hands and killed him. Maggie was sent for psychiatric help and Audrey was sent to a girl’s juvenile facility, where she was mentored by the psychologist in charge, who led Audrey to her career.

Returning home to her alcoholic father, her bitter sister, her estrangement with Maggie, not to mention Jake, the heartbreak of her life, is extremely stressful. A day later, Maggie is dead, Audrey is the prime suspect, and the tension really starts building.

Jake has become extremely successful and owns a good chunk of the town, but is still single. He and Audrey are wary of one another, but after Maggie’s death, they work together to try and clear Audrey’s name and more importantly, find the killer. Along the way, Audrey mends fences with the town and Jake.

An intriguing mystery and terrific characters make this a compelling read, sure to appeal to Nancy Pickard or Lisa Unger fans. First book of a series.

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IT TAKES ONE by Kate Kessler. Redhook (April 26, 2016).  ISBN 978-0316302500. 416p.


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