muddied murderA Greenhouse Mystery, Book 1

After the death of her husband, lawyer Megan Sawyer decides it’s time for a big change. A desire to return to her roots sends her home to the family farm in Winsome, Pennsylvania. Here, Megan plans to revamp the land into a certified organic farm that will provide produce for the local farmers market as well as her own café and market.

Everything is rolling along well enough until the local zoning commissioner who, for reasons mostly unknown to Megan and everyone around her, becomes intent on making Megan’s plans difficult bordering on impossible. And when that same zoning commissioner is found dead in Megan’s barn, the authorities can’t help but turn an eye her way.

This first in Tyson’s new Greenhouse Mystery series is a bit lighter in tone than her Allison Campbell books.

The small town setting and tight-knit community make this an appealing read on many levels. Anyone with any inkling as to how small towns work will know there’s the picture perfect public façade and a sometimes not so hidden catty underbelly. This cattiness in particular proves to be a big part of the tension in this first outing of the series. And, as it turns out, there are way more potential killers out there than just our struggling heroine.

Tyson gives readers a really great look at the inner workings of Winsome, the small town politics, and the characters that make their home here. There’s even a little bit of romance wound up in this mystery, too.

All in all, this is a fine outing from Tyson and a fun new series (and town) I’m looking forward to seeing more of.

3/16 Becky LeJeune

A MUDDIED MURDER by Wendy Tyson. Henery Press (March 29, 2016).  ISBN 978-1635110050. 276p.

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  1. Thanks for sharing and also for your willingness to review books from smaller presses 🙂

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