THE BIG REWIND by Libby Cudmore

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One misdelivered piece of mail lands Jett smack dab in the middle of a murder investigation.

It’s a mix tape, on cassette no less. And when it arrives, Jett, being the nice neighbor she is, heads over to KitKat’s apartment to hand deliver it. After her knocking brings no answer but the desperate cries of KitKat’s cat, Jett starts to worry and lets herself in, discovering that someone has very recently (based on the burning pot brownies) bludgeoned the party planner and baker with her own rolling pin.

KitKat’s boyfriend is the prime suspect in the case, especially when a neighbor claims to have seen him at the apartment just hours before the crime took place. But KitKat’s friends aren’t so sure. And Jett, a temp at a PI agency (proofreading, not investigating) can’t say no when KitKat’s own sister begs for her help. Jett is sure the mix tape itself is a big clue, and intends to start there. But how do you track down an anonymous mix tape creator in a city as big as the Big Apple?

Libby Cudmore’s debut is a fantastic. A mystery set around a mix tape? I grew up in the days of mix tapes and was seriously craving an amateur sleuth read as well. The Big Rewind not only hit the spot mystery wise but proved to be a nostalgic trip through music and mix tape history, too.

Mix tapes are so deep. Or they can be. Some are just samplings of music meant to widen your horizons (most of the ones I received were) but a tape like the one here represents the creator’s deepest feelings. So it makes sense that when Jett finally tracks down a cassette player to listen to said tape, she realizes this is someone who could very well have killed KitKat.

The investigation and the tape prompt Jett to go on a journey through her own mix tapes and ex boyfriends, even going to far as to track some of them down, forcing her to reevaluate her own past as she digs deeper into KitKat’s.

The Big Rewind is funky and fun. A mystery filled with music and the sights and sounds of Brooklyn.

(There’s even a Spotify playlist to listen to as you read.)

3/16 Becky LeJeune

THE BIG REWIND by Libby Cudmore. William Morrow Paperbacks (February 2, 2016).  ISBN 978-0062403537. 256p.

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