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Myles Munro Action Thriller Series # 1

This is the second novel featuring Myles Munro, a history professor, first introduced in the book, Secrets of the Last Nazi.

In the opening section, Myles is on vacation in New York with his American journalist girl friend, Helen Bridle, when a delivery  truck moving through the financial district of New York blows up. Myles finds a reference sent via the truck’s burning frame that the U.S embassy in Rome will shortly be destroyed – and the person who will make this happen is an African warlord named “Juma.”

Next in the series of events is the capturing of a US senator. Myles is forced to race through Iraq, Turkey and finally to Rome to rescue the senator and save the US from Juma’s plot to destroy it.

The 18th century “Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire” is researched by Myles and Helen as describing the method of destruction. The thesis of that tome was that Rome was never conquered, but fell due to the corruption within. Analogies are brought comparing Rome’s fall with events in today’s America. Not naming names, King’s descriptions bring to mind today’s US government, the lack of real patriotism on the part of many officials, plus a reference to a bad president.

The fault I find with King’s writing is the haste he uses in going from one crisis to the next and solutions drawn without leading up them logically. The book takes its place with other espionage novels but does not do very much to distinguish itself to them. A fast read but one that does not leave the reader with real interest in getting King’s next book.

2/16 Paul Lane

THE LAST PROPHECY OF ROME by Iain King. Bookouture (January 27, 2016).  ISBN 978-1910751756. 438p.



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