PASSENGER 19 by Ward Larsen

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Jammer Davis Thrillers, Book 3

Davis works for the government as an airline crash investigator. Larsen knows the technical aspects of crash investigation and projects this knowledge into his character.

Davis is called by his boss to take charge of the examination of a crash by a small passenger plane in the jungles of Colombia near Bogota. This time it becomes very personal.  Davis’s daughter was on that plane, heading for a semester of study in Colombia.

Davis gets himself assigned to the investigation and is allowed to do so by his boss with the admonition that he recuse himself if his personal feelings get in the way of his maintaining the focus to find out what caused the crash. His daughter is listed on the flight, and when the bodies of all the passengers killed have been identified, she and another girl that she had become friendly with are missing.

The book is a very readable novel involving crime, drug dealing and involvement at the very top of the U.S. and Colombian governments.  Davis works through the available evidence piece by piece in order to arrive at answers he needs as quickly as possible.

Another Jammer Davis novel is in the works and is sure to provide the excitement and interest that this one does.

1/16 Paul Lane

PASSENGER 19 by Ward Larsen. Oceanview Publishing (January 5, 2016).  ISBN 978-1608091676. 368p.



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