THE LOCKER by Adrian Magson

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A Cruxys Solutions Investigation

Nancy goes to her usual locker at the gym and finds a note telling her that her daughter’s been taken, to notify her husband Michael and not call the police. She runs home in a panic to find the front door wide open, her daughter and the nanny gone.

Somehow she remembers that her husband had told her in case of an emergency to call a certain number and tell them Code Red. The number leads to Cruxys Solutions, a private security firm specializing in kidnappings in drug war torn countries and other security issues.

Michael works for various charities in many of these countries as well as the Middle East, and is often out of cell phone range. Nonetheless, Nancy texts her husband as instructed then calls Cruxys.

The action speeds up as the security officers find several irregularities and dig deeper, and Nancy’s story and lifestyle gets more unbelievable with each passing day. Magson takes the suburban thriller overseas and gives it a good twist. Readers who enjoy Harlan Coben and Joseph Finder will happily get lost in the nightmare presented here.

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THE LOCKER by Adrian Magson. Midnight Ink (January 8, 2016).  ISBN 978-0738746722. 384p.


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