NAME OF THE DEVIL by Andrew Mayne

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A Jessica Blackwood Novel

A church explosion in Virginia has led some to theorize the devil could be at work. It’s true, there’s little evidence of the cause of the explosion. There’s also no sign of the reported victims. The latter is easily explained, though, as Jessica Blackwood can attest. Called in alongside Agent Knoll to assist in the investigation, Jessica quickly realizes that the search perimeter is too narrow. They find the first victim hanging upside down from a tree just outside their search field. Less easily explainable is the strange symbol etched in blood across the man’s chest.

In this follow up to Angel Killer, Andrew Mayne once again pits Blackwood against a criminal mastermind whose motives and methods are truly baffling and bizarre. But baffling and bizarre are exactly what Jessica Blackwood excels at.

There are just so many things Mayne does so perfectly here – the cases are super odd, Jessica Blackwood is completely unique and kick ass, and all of the weirdness is couched in a premise that ultimately comes across as believable.

As a second in a series, this is also a great follow up because we finally get to meet some of Jessica’s family and learn more about her background. As such, and due to the fact that there are some references to Angel Killer, I would suggest reading these in order. Trust me, they’re worth it.

8/15 Becky LeJeune

NAME OF THE DEVIL by Andrew Mayne. Bourbon Street Books; Uncorrected Proof edition (July 7, 2015).  ISBN 978-0062348890. 432p.

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