SCENT OF MURDER by James O. Born

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Jim Born has been with the Florida Department of Law Enforcement for so long he’s about ready to retire. So when he writes a police procedural, you can be sure it will be accurate. I’ve enjoyed all of his books and this new one is really terrific, especially if you like dogs.

Tim Hallett was a detective who got a little overzealous in his determination to find a missing child. He saved the child, but got booted from the detective squad. In a stroke of luck, he was paired up with a Belgian Malinois named Rocky as part of a new K-9 unit. Born really did his homework here, and I loved all the inside info on how these magnificent dogs are trained and treated.

When a teenager goes missing, the dogs (and their human partners) are called into action. They get led on a chase that is both devious and disturbing, especially for Hallett.

This is a fast paced story set in the wilds of south Florida, and I loved the occasional perspective from the dog. Another excellent read from this talented author.

4/15 Stacy Alesi, AKA the BookBitch

SCENT OF MURDER by James O. Born.  Forge Books (April 7, 2015).  ISBN 978-0765378477. 304p.

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