LOSING FAITH by Adam Mitzner

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A thrill a minute legal novel written by a practicing attorney. Events involved in a high profile trial are brought to life by Mitzner allowing the reader to understand that the outcome is not a cut and dried guilty or not guilty situation but a verdict brought about by manipulations on both sides.

Aaron Littman, a 51 year old highly successful lawyer, and the chairman of a large and very prestigious wall street law firm is approached to talk with Nikolai Garkov. Garkov is currently awaiting trial on charges of terrorism for manipulating the financial strings behind recent treasonous acts. He offers Aaron 100,000.00 dollars just to take the meeting. Nikolai is to be tried under the gavel of Judge Faith Nichols and knows that Aaron had an affair with her while acting as defense in a previous case. He tells Aaron that if he doesn’t take his case the affair will be made very public.

Events move swiftly, and the machinations of both the prosecuting attorney in the Garkov case and Aaron and his associates are presented very clearly. Clouding the events is the murder of Judge Nichols and the blame placed on Littman. The majority of the book is a masterpiece of insight into the legal world. The climax becomes somewhat contrived but does not spoil a great piece of legal fiction.

It is clear that Mitzner will continue writing, in all likelihood in a field headed by John Grisham. His characters are very well sketched out and become alive in his hands. An old axiom about methods that should be used by authors is to write about areas that they know about. This is a given in Mitzner’s novel and should continue as he goes forward in the literary aspect of his career.

4/15 Paul Lane

LOSING FAITH by Adam Mitzner. Gallery Books (April 14, 2015). ISBN 978-1476764245. 368p.

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