WORLD GONE BY by Dennis Lehane

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Joe Coughlin Series (Book 2)

World Gone By is a continuation of Live By Night, which is perhaps the only flaw in a fascinating novel by Lehane. The book brings the characters created in the first book ten years into the future during the time of the Second World War, but without the information of the first novel there is a loss of continuity that the reader will miss.

Joe Coughlin, who had built an empire in Tampa, Florida for the Boston crime family he worked for, sees his work destroyed and his beloved wife killed in the first book, and is now the consigliere to the Bartolo crime family traveling back and forth for them between his home base in Tampa to Cuba. Joe works with and meets the mob families of Meyer Lansky, Lucky Luciano, connections with naval intelligence as well as the mob financed Cuban dictator Batista.

Lehane describes the rise of the mobs during World War Two, the murders, public official corruption and the intercine battles between the mob families. A gun battle on Ash Wednesday on the streets of Ybor City, Tampa is described in exacting detail bringing to life the violence and the complete disregard of law and order of the mobs.

The ending serves up a picture of ultimate payment by many of those that have lived a life without regard for the rights of others. It is another superb read served up by a master of his craft. Very well done.

3/15 Paul Lane

WORLD GONE BY by Dennis Lehane. William Morrow (March 10, 2015).  ISBN: 978-0060004903. 320p.

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  1. Josbons says:

    I love Dennis Lehane novels.He is one of the best

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