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Books are often described by zealous reviewers as absorbing, fascinating, captivating and other adjectives indicating that it cannot be put down once the reader gets into it. The Carnage Account fills that bill 110%. Once you start to read it it is almost impossible to put down.

Lieberman utilizes three main characters to tell the story. The first is a multi billionaire; Rory Cage, a man that has everything but wants more. He finds a new niche in selling “death bonds” which allow investors to purchase insurance policies from the living at a discount and than collect the full value when they die. Rory decides to accelerate the collection on some high value policies by the simple expedient of murdering the person named on the document.

The second person is a lady named Dawn Knight who is doing public relations for Rory’s various companies which include an NBA basketball team and a huge highly successful Hedge Fund. Rory falls in love with Dawn and imagines her as the capstone to his possessions, sharing his kingdom with him.

Problem for Rory is that Dawn is still in love with Clay Harbor, the man she wanted to marry years ago, but was stopped by the displeasure of her father at the union. Clay, the third person, left town, became a Navy Seal, and then a doctor. He returned to town due to circumstances incurred during a battle in Afghanistan in which his specialized unit had to defend a poppy field. His rescue of a comrade trapped by enemy fire and wounded in the poppy field against orders gets Clay sent back to the states to care for the man.

In high gear Lieberman carries us through attempts by Rory to get rid of Clay in order to marry Dawn. Events putting Dawn and Clay in danger are described in fascinating detail and the finale of the book brings a very logical ending which hints, merely hints at a sequel. Very well done and certainly underscoring Ben Lieberman’s talent and creating interest in reading other novels by him.

11/14 Paul Lane

THE CARNAGE ACCOUNT by Ben Lieberman. Thomas & Mercer (October 28, 2014). ISBN: 978-1477825877. 336p.

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