ONCE UPON A HIGH-RISE by J. Allan Woodard

September 16, 2014

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This  ebook only is actually Mr Woodard’s second book, although there has been a good deal of time between the first and this novel.  The author has put together an interesting story centered around a New York City Captain of police and an attorney he meets during the pursuit of two serial rapists.

Mark Winslow left his job as a Sheriff in Montana after his wife and son were killed in an auto accident there. He moved to New York to  try and escape the memories of his family permeating  his life and brings his six year old going on 25 daughter Pamela. Joining the police he rises to the rank of Captain.

Most of the book centers around his meeting and falling in love with Kristen Miller,  the attorney.  The pursuit of the two serial rapists he is after takes second place in the author’s scheme of things with the development of his romance as number one.  Woodard captures the rapists in what is a secondary part of the narrative and his major flaw here is making what should be a well described police chase of very dangerous criminals an “oh yes”.

The author has a style and command of the language to cause the reader to look for a future book by him. Hopefully, in the interim he will have learned that he must decide if he will write crime novels, which includes some romance or romance period.  He does flesh out the two main characters quite well and if his plan is to use them in the future his readers will know who they are.

Read the book to meet a new author that shows potential for more.  It will allow a good reading experience and the creation of an interest in seeing more by him shortly.

9/14 Paul Lane

ONCE UPON A HIGH-RISE by J. Allan Woodard. iUniverse (September 10, 2014). ASIN B00NHHPNZU. Print Length: 240p.

THE WORKING DEAD by David Thayer

August 29, 2014

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Thayer has written several other books featuring his detective Armond diPino who operates in New York.  This novel opens with DiPino working in a relative’s store in San Francisco in order to fully recover from a gunshot wound received in another book.

Why in San Francisco and working in a relative’s store is beyond me but there he is.  He has relatives conveniently living in Frisco and gets involved in helping them out of a criminal conspiracy involving human trafficking.  Along the way he meets several women including Emily, an ex-love who is filthy rich and involved with the family in the plot.

Perhaps if I had read the other DiPino books I might have a better understanding of what is going on in this one.  But I didn’t and won’t.

This novel is helter skelter and leaves the reader pretty confused with what is going on, epecially when DiPino’s partner from New York appears in California to help out.  Wonder if his supervisors know that he is not in New York during these trips. Does he magically have jurisdiction in San Francisco?

8/14 Paul Lane

THE WORKING DEAD by David Thayer. David Thayer Consulting; 1 edition (December 28, 2013). ASIN B0095ZJS2W. Print Length: 228p.