Wyoming Wilde, Book 3

From the publisher:

New York Times bestselling author Jennifer Ryan returns to the Wyoming Wilde series as the third Wilde brother finds himself entangled with his ex-girlfriend after she’s witness to a murder and the killer’s next target. Perfect for fans of authors like Maisey Yates, Joanne Kennedy and Carolyn Brown as well as Diana Palmer, Linda Lael Miller, and BJ Daniels.

They’re tough, tenacious, and sometimes tormented; they’re the Wildes of Wyoming, three brothers whose family ties are as strong as their wills.

And when Max Wilde reunites with his lost love, he’ll do anything to keep her safe and in his arms…

Max Wilde lived up to his last name and then some. Years ago, he fell hard and fast for Kenna Baker, thinking they had a love that would last for all time. When a horrible misunderstanding drove them apart, Max thought his chance to find the kind of love his brothers have is gone forever. He changed his bad boy ways, but he never got over the one who got away.

Now, their lives have collided once again, as Kenna is the only witness to a murder and needs a place to hide while in protective custody. Max is determined to keep her safe on the ranch, and also maintain an emotional distance, but as they spend more time together, the lies and half-truths that once drove them apart are also uncovered, bringing them closer than ever.

Kenna has always laid claim to Max’s heart—and soul—but will he be able to save her…and their love…before it’s too late?

The first two books in his series were fast, fun, and suspenseful reads, and this one lives up to those.

The last Wilde brother to be single is also the youngest, and the one everyone thought would be married first. His high school sweetheart, Kenna, and he were bound for long-term, happily ever after, until she accused him of cheating on her. He was so hurt that she could even think that, he walked away without a fight. They were both young and hot-headed, and that was that. Until Kenna witnesses a murder and is now in protective custody. She needs a place to stay, and his ranch is offered up as a safe place for her. Max wants to protect her, but he is still angry with her.

Max has spent three years trying to forget Kenna by basically sleeping with every woman around. But he realized that wasn’t helping at all, and stopped. But now that Kenna is under his roof, his feelings are really mixed up. Of course, he wants her safe, but it is killing him to be so close to her yet not be with her.

The more time they spend together, the more Kenna and Max realize they still have those deep feelings for one another. Eventually, they figure out what happened to break them up and things start moving towards a happy ending – except for the little issue of someone trying to kill her.

Lots of action and suspense plus some sexy times make this a fast, fun read – especially since the happy ending is guaranteed. If you like second chance romances, cowboy romances, and romantic suspense, then this is your book, and it’s a terrific ending to the trilogy.

Wyoming Wilde Series:




3/2023 Stacy Alesi, AKA the BookBitch

MAX WILDE’S COWBOY HEART by Jennifer Ryan. Avon (August 23, 2022). ISBN:‎  978-0063111424. 384p.





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