Last Ride, Texas Series by Delores Fossen


Book 1

The truth about a small-town scandal is about to unleash one wildly unexpected romance…

Single dad Joe McCann is focused on running his ranch and raising his daughter. He has no desire to help Millie unearth his late wife’s past, especially if it means revealing painful secrets. Until his daughter teams up with Millie, and the widower cowboy finds himself agreeing to help them with their project—and opening the door to a deep attraction he thought he’d never find again. 

Millie Parkman Dayton is still healing from the fatal car accident that claimed her husband and turned her into the focus of local gossip. But when she’s thrown together with the attractive rancher who shares in her tragic past, new rumors begin to fly in Last Ride, Texas.

SPRING AT SADDLE RUN by Delores Fossen. HQN; Original edition (May 25, 2021). ISBN:‎ 978-1335549570. 352p


Book 2

An unexpected inheritance rekindles a red-hot romance just in time for Christmas…

Janessa Parkman spent one long-ago summer in Last Ride, Texas, trying to bond with her estranged father, Abe. Turns out that was plenty of time to fall hard—and crash badly—for Brody Harrell, who managed Abe’s ranch. Everyone believed Brody would inherit Colts Creek one day, but now, fifteen years on, Abe’s will reveals the shocking truth—Janessa gets everything, and she must agree to stay in town for three months…through Christmas.

Brody’s attraction to Janessa burns hotter than ever. Though he refuses Janessa’s offer to give him the ranch, refusing her is impossible. Misunderstanding drove them apart once before, and secrets and betrayals run through both families. But what starts as a temporary Christmas fling might turn into a love strong enough to last every holiday season yet to come.

CHRISTMAS AT COLTS CREEK by Delores Fossen. HQN; Original edition (October 26, 2021). ISBN:‎ 978-1335454577. 336p


Book 3

Can two old friends rekindle the spark that brought them together when their pasts are littered with land mines?

The chance to be near his young son is the only thing that could entice former SWAT commander Matt Corbin back to his hometown. Matt has only a few happy memories of his tough childhood in Last Ride, Texas, and most of them involve Emory Parkman. Once his teenage crush, she’s now living in a cottage on his late grandfather’s ranch, which seems like a good omen…until Matt learns Emory is looking into his family’s history, a subject he’d prefer remained closed.

Emory’s wedding-gown designs are said to bring luck—to everyone but her. Though twice bitten by romance that went sour, she’s tempted to take a chance on the rancher next door. Emory and Matt’s long-ago attempts at love never got a fair chance, but all these years later, their attraction is stronger than ever. Maybe by unearthing some of his ancestors’ long-buried secrets, she can help him finally cast off the past’s shadows and prove to Matt that the third time’s the charm.

SUMMER AT STALLION RIDGE by Delores Fossen. Entangled: Amara (December 27, 2022). ISBN:‎ 978-1649370952. 448p

This series was my first time reading Delores Fossen. According to Amazon she has written 239 books, and no, that’s not a typo. I think they may be counting each type of publication as a book – so the paperback, the audiobook, and the Kindle version would count as three books. Her author description says she’s sold over 140 novels, so either way, that’s a lot of books! It looks like she wrote a lot of those short Harlequin romances, and I don’t generally read those. I’m just glad I found her now – better late than never!

I actually read this series in order, but there is another book that came out in November that I haven’t found yet; Mornings at River’s End Ranch is book 4 of the Last Ride, Texas series and my library doesn’t have it. Yet. I requested they purchase it though, so hopefully, I’ll get it soon. Then in March, A Texas Kind of Cowboy, book 5, comes out. I already got the review copy, but I’m waiting to read it until I get book 4. There are a few more books coming out in 2023 so even more to look forward to! I do love a good Western/Cowboy/Rancher romance, and this series is terrific. There is a lot of drama with these well-developed characters, so I couldn’t help but care about them.

Even though I read these in order, they can all stand alone pretty much. There is a bit of overlap, it is a series after all, but nothing that can’t be understood. I have read other series out of order, and often you just know there are missing pieces of the story, but happily, that is not the case here.

These books are on the sweet side of romance with a lot of angst until the happy ending, but there is also a bit of heat. If you want a bit of sex rather than the complete lack of it in inspirational type romances, but don’t want tons of graphic sex, these books may be perfect for you. I read all across the heat index, but sometimes when it is one sex scene after another, or extremely graphic sex scenes, I just end up feeling like a voyeur, and I don’t enjoy those books as much. I guess I like a modicum of restraint, but not too much! I think Fossen finds a happy medium, at least in this series.

I am really looking forward to the next book, and I highly recommend this series.

1/2023 Stacy Alesi, AKA the BookBitch



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