NEVER MEANT TO MEET YOU by Alli Frank & Asha Youmans

From the publisher:

From the authors of Tiny Imperfections comes a riotously funny, emotionally real look at race and religion, love and heartache, and the realities of parenting through it all.

Self-appointed fixer of other people’s woes Marjette Lewis is uncharacteristically determined to keep to her side of the driveway when it comes to her flawless neighbor Noa Abrams. Professionally, Marjette has her hands full as she prepares for a new class of kindergarteners and her first year of teaching without her best friend, Judy, as campus “Black-up.” And at home, her son’s budding manhood challenges her expectations, and her vexing ex-husband continues to be a thorn in her side.

But when tragedy strikes Marjette’s street, and an unexpected child shows up on the first day of school with an uncle who has all the class moms aflutter, Marjette is forced to contend with both her neighbor and her own heartache over losing the life she once thought was guaranteed. Through laughter, tears, and the gift of found family, Marjette and Noa navigate the rituals of loss together and discover the strength to remake their lives―whether they meant to or not.

Alli Frank & Asha Youmans follow up Tiny Imperfections with this story about a friendship that develops between a young, Jewish widow and the Black single mom next door.

Marjette is unhappily divorced; even after five years she hasn’t let go of her anger, hasn’t even attempted dating, and her life revolves around her teenage son. Her best friend just retired from the private school where they taught kindergarten together, and her next-door neighbor moved away, leaving Marjette feeling a bit lonely. Her new neighbor, Noa, has just lost her husband and has a daughter who is in Marjette’s class, bringing them together in a variety of situations.

A friendship slowly emerges between the two women and they learn to rely on one another and appreciate their cultural differences. Noa’s good looking brother, Max, often picks up his niece at school, and all the class moms take notice, but he only has eyes for Marjette. She’s oblivious to the attention until she starts spending more time with him, and a friendship is formed that eventually leads to more.

Verdict: Friendship and romance go hand in hand in this warm, engaging story that should appeal to readers who enjoy Susan Wiggs and Debbie Macomber.

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10/2022 Stacy Alesi, AKA the BookBitch

NEVER MEANT TO MEET YOU by Alli Frank & Asha Youmans. Montlake (October 1, 2022). ISBN:‎ 978-1542034104. 319p.





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