MR. WRONG NUMBER by Lynn Painter 

From the publisher:

Things get textual when a steamy message from a random wrong number turns into an anonymous relationship in this hilarious rom-com by Lynn Painter.

Bad luck has always followed Olivia Marshall…or maybe she’s just the screw-up her family thinks she is. But when a “What are you wearing?” text from a random wrong number turns into the hottest, most entertaining—albeit anonymous—relationship of her life, she thinks things might be on the upswing….

Colin Beck has always considered Olivia his best friend’s annoying little sister, but when she moves in with them after one of her worst runs of luck, he realizes she’s turned into an altogether different and sexier distraction. He’s sure he can keep his distance, until the moment he discovers she’s the irresistible Miss Misdial he’s been sort of sexting for weeks—and now he has to decide whether to turn the heat up or ghost her before things get messy.

Olivia, her brother, and Colin are sharing an apartment because Olivia’s apartment building burned down. Because of her – an accident, certainly, but nonetheless it was her fault. Believe it or not, being accident prone is part of her charm and she is a delightful, memorable character. She is constantly getting herself into all sorts of trouble, but nothing compares with the relationship she ends up in with Colin.

One night, Olivia gets a text from an unknown number; classic fare of the “what are you wearing” variety. She replies with a smart ass answer, and a text relationship is born. Dubbed Mr. Wrong Number and Miss Misdial, they continue their banter over text, never taking it any further.

Meanwhile, Olivia has been forced to move in with her brother who rents a room from his friend Colin. She sleeps on a crappy air mattress on the floor of the office, and Colin barely tolerates her. As soon as she finds a new job, she’ll move out. That’s the plan and Olivia finds the job of her dreams – writing a parenting column. Except she doesn’t have kids. She knows this isn’t going to end well, but she loves what she’s doing and her boss, and that is rare.

Meanwhile, somehow things are heating up with Colin. Even her brother is on board, but the course of true love never runs smoothly, and when someone like Olivia is involved, there is bound to be one dilemma after another. This is a really funny romcom with a lot of heart and occasional steaminess. I loved Olivia and couldn’t wait for her to get her happy ending. If you want a thoroughly entertaining book, pick up Mr. Wrong Number!

3/2022 Stacy Alesi, AKA the BookBitch

MR. WRONG NUMBER by Lynn Painter. Berkley (March 1, 2022). ISBN: 978-0593437261. 352p.








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