The Hideaway Harbor, Book 1

From the publisher:

Workaholic Lillian Mahoney has given everything to her job. The hugely popular lifestyle show she helped create monopolizes her time, energy, creativity, and anything remotely resembling a life. But all it takes is the show’s womanizing, egomaniac star throwing a massive hissy on live TV to utterly implode Lillian’s career in a New York minute.

Now Lillian’s hiding out in the gorgeous and completely unknown seaside village of Blink, Maine. Out of gas. A stolen wallet. A broken heel. And worse, she’s somehow managed to completely piss off the town’s resident hunk, Caleb Wright. She’ll show that hot, grumpy single father exactly what she’s made of.

But Blink isn’t quite what Lillian expects―and neither is Caleb…or his feisty teen daughter she can’t help but love. And while her entire life and career are in shreds, Lillian might just discover what happens when she gives her bad first impression a second chance…

This is a lovely, small town romance with interesting characters and setting. Blink is a small town on the coast of Maine, population just over 200 and falling fast. There is not much here anymore; the mill closed, most of the businesses, too. Lillian’s sister bought a cottage out of foreclosure here, sight unseen, so when everything in NY blows up, Lillian decides to hide out in Blink.

Lillian had this idea of a lifestyle business but needed the perfect face for the company. She found Niles in a college bar and recruited him. Unfortunately, he isn’t very interested in what he’s actually doing, like cooking or decorating. He’s more interested in meeting women and enjoying his new found wealth and celebrity. Lillian and her sister keep him in check, for the most part, but he has to do a live cooking segment. They rehearse of course, but he still manages to screw it up and loses his temper with Lillian. This is live on the streets of Manhattan, and several of his fans are filming the blow up which goes viral. Everyone assumes Lillian work for Niles, and she is quick to point out that they work together, when in reality she is his boss. But he is the face of the company, she is behind the scenes.

On her way to Blink, her wallet gets stolen and she runs out of gas just at the edges of town. A good looking young man, Caleb, stops to help her, but she is a New Yorker and isn’t getting into a strange man’s car. She walks the rest of the way to town, the high heel on her shoe breaks, and she has $20 to her name. At the diner, she buys a cup of coffee and an old guy starts chatting to her. He fills up her car for her and she meets his friend, another old guy who is miserable and failing at life since he lost his wife the year before. Since she really doesn’t have much to do, she offers to help him get organized. Caleb is immediately suspicious; the old guy is the richest man in town. In fact, he owns most of the town.

Enemies to lovers is always a good storyline and Caleb and Lillian eventually stop fighting and find their way to each other. But Lillian has a life and a business back in NY. Before she leaves, she is determined to fix this dying town. She works hard at it, and eventually gets her way in that, and in love.

This is a sweet romance from an author who is new to me. I loved these characters and the fairy tale ending. The next book doesn’t come out until next year, and I can hardly wait!

3/2022 Stacy Alesi, AKA the BookBitch

ACCIDENTALLY PERFECT by Marissa Clarke. Entangled: Amara (March 1, 2022). ISBN: 978-1649371898. 400p.






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