TRUE LOVE COWBOY by Jennifer Ryan

A McGrath Novel , Book 3

New York Times bestselling author Jennifer Ryan is known for her cowboy heroes, strong-willed heroines, and powerful love stories. Always page-turning, her western set romances are perfect for fans of Diana Palmer, BJ Daniels, and Linda Lael Miller.

Cowboys live by their word, their wits, and their loyalty.

Jon Crawford has returned to Montana, determined to take over his father’s ranch and raise his daughter in Big Sky Country, leaving the big-city life behind once and for all. He doesn’t have time to fall in love, but he doesn’t count on stubborn but beautiful Trinity McGrath, who arouses his protective instincts even as she tries to push him away.

Life hasn’t always been easy for Trinity, but now she has everything she needs—her family, friends, and a safe and secure life. With a business to build, Trinity doesn’t have time for romance…until Jon comes barging into her life and all her intentions are turned upside down! 

Still, an attraction like theirs is too powerful to deny, and sometimes true love comes along when you least expect it. But when someone from Jon’s past comes back with a vengeance, Trinity and Jon will have to do everything they can to save themselves and their new love…

Trinity has a successful small business and is trying to grow it. She had a terrible experience (in the previous book) and has PTSD which flares up from time to time. She meets Jon when he moves back to this small town. He is moving to his family ranch because he wants his daughter to grow up there. He had a very successful business in L.A., but realizes he needs to spend time with her. She’s only 4 and is the cutest part of the book for sure. Her mother, on the other hand, is a nightmare. Luckily, they are not (and have never been) married, but she is hopeful they will get back together. He is adamant that it will never happen.

The mom is an awful, selfish woman who does not take very good care of their daughter. Jon finds it frustrating, and is trying to make things work. They have shared custody, which helps, but he knows there are some serious issues going on and isn’t sure how to handle it all.

Trinity is making a delivery to Jon’s dad and that’s how they meet. When she doesn’t get a response to her knock, she goes in and finds him barely breathing on the floor. She struggles to get him out of the house and into her car, thinking it will be much faster for her to take him to the hospital than to wait for an ambulance that has to come from another town. When she finally gets him outside, Jon is there to help. He makes her a bit nervous, but eventually she figures out he is truly the son and a nice guy. In fact, he’s a very nice guy and he is immediately drawn to Trinity. She’s not so sure.

The more they see each other, the more they both realize they have something special. But dealing with the mom is very difficult, and things progressively get worse with her. Eventually, Jon and Trinity find their happily ever after with his daughter, and a happy ending is reached. But there is a lot of drama before they get there, and just a little bit of sex. I really loved these characters and realize I need to go back and read the last book. I did review Waiting on a Cowboy, the first book. Another excellent read from Jennifer Ryan!

9/2021 Stacy Alesi, AKA the BookBitch

TRUE LOVE COWBOY by Jennifer Ryan. Avon (August 24, 2021). ISBN:‎ 978-0063020801. 384 pages.







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