American Extreme Bull Riders Tour, Book 4


Cocky, young Aussie bull rider Troy Jensen has been busted down to the pro-circuit. He needs wins and points to get him back into the big league and a shot at being crowned champ but an injury forces him off the circuit and into the arms of the woman fate keeps putting in his path.

The first time local Doc Joss Garrity meets Troy, she’s brandishing a lug wrench. The second time, he’s dragging her delinquent teen son home. The third time, he’s in her ER. How he ends up convalescing at her house she’s not quite sure. But it does make it hard to ignore him and their simmering attraction.

As Troy gets to know Joss, he starts to see a life after bull riding for the first time. But can Joss risk her heart on another man who may not come home one day?

This is a book I got for free through BookBub, which I’ve mentioned several times over the past few years so I won’t go into it again other than to say if you like free or very inexpensive ebooks, check it out.

I was in the mood for a cowboy romance, and this one really fit the bill. Troy is a bull rider and one of the best, until he gets injured. Then he has to work his way back to the top rodeo circuit by winning in the lower ranks. He’s new in town and spots a woman on the side of the road beating the hell out of a tire with a giant wrench. Amused, he stops to help.

Joss is a very independent woman who happens to have a flat tire. She is quite capable of changing a tire, except she can’t loosen the lug nuts. She reluctantly lets Troy help, and they go their separate ways. She is a young widow who lives with her teenage son and her father-in-law.

Joss’s son has entered the surly, bored and looking for trouble stage. Troy catches him rifling through his truck and recognizes something of himself in the teen. He decides the best recourse is to take him home and he is shocked to see the mom is none other than Joss. She is touched that he bothered to bring him home instead of just calling the police.

The next time they run into each other is in the hospital. Joss is a doctor, and Troy ends up in the ER. The next thing he knows, Joss’s father-in-law invites him to stay and recuperate in their home. Joss and Troy have a strong attraction, but she is leery of a cowboy who does such dangerous work and doesn’t want to get involved. But of course she does. Until she sees him at the rodeo and realizes that she just can’t deal with the danger.

Troy is in love with Joss and knows he has to do something to win her back. He makes the ultimate gesture and they find their happy ending, the whole family in fact. For a short book, the character development was surprisingly good. This was a terrific hot cowboy romance and I really enjoyed it. Hoping to read more of this author.

8/2021 Stacy Alesi, AKA the BookBitch

A DOCTOR FOR THE COWBOY by Amy Andrews. Tule Publishing; 2nd edition (August 8, 2017). ASIN: B072JY9V5K. 180 pages.





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