WHEN I FOUND YOU by Brenda Novak

The Silver Springs Series, Book 8

From the publisher:

Sometimes the biggest emotional risk can reap the best romantic reward…

After everything she worked for is destroyed, pediatrician Natasha Gray is determined to build a new life. Divorced, bankrupt and suddenly a single mom, she’s ready to start over in Silver Springs—on her own. She certainly doesn’t need help from Mack Amos, the man who’s already broken her heart twice.

Although Mack has had feelings for Tash since they first met, too many things have stood in the way. He’s always given her the support she needs, though, and he’ll do the same now. Even if the desire he wrestles with threatens to undermine his intentions…

But her heart is not the only reason Natasha wants to keep Mack at bay. More time in her life means getting closer to her son, which could lead to a revelation neither of them is ready to face.

I loved this latest entry into the Silver Springs series. Novak writes heartwarming romances, most reminiscent of Debbie Macomber but maybe not quite as sweet. I really enjoy this series but I forget about it. I’ve read about half the books so they definitely stand alone and do not need to be read in order. But if you want to:

  1. Finding our forever
  2. No one but you
  3. Until you loved me
  4. Right where we belong
  5. Unforgettable you
  6. Christmas in Silver Springs
  7. A California Christmas
  8. When I found you

Natasha Gray is a remarkable young woman who has had a spate of bad luck, to say the least. The child of a single mother who is also a drug addict, Tasha had a huge chip on her shoulder when her mom married J.T., making the Amos brothers her stepbrothers. Except that the youngest, Mack, didn’t feel like a brother to Tasha, she fell head over heels in love with him. Unfortunately, she was only 16 when they met, and he was 25 and too smart to commit a felony, no matter how hard Tasha tried to seduce him. A few years later, she finally gets her way but Mack leaves and breaks her heart.

Tasha was able to get through high school and into college because of the Amos brothers, especially Mack, looking out for her and giving her the money she needed to get there. Eventually she puts herself through medical school and becomes a pediatrician. She works hard and opens her own practice, only to lose it all a short while later when it turns out the nurse she hired had some serious psychological issues. Meanwhile, she got pregnant, married the baby daddy and when her pediatric practice fell apart, so did her marriage. She finds herself basically broke and homeless, with a young son.

Mack helps her move and get her settled and the old feelings start up again. There is some drama with her ex-husband that sends things spinning out of control. Things only get worse when Tasha’s mom, long divorced from J.T., appears to have shot him. He is in critical condition in the hospital and Tasha is a wreck, as are the Amos brothers.

Mack and Tasha have so much history between them that it is not surprising she wants to go slow, real slow. Mack is now old enough and mature enough to realize what he had done to her, and how much she means to him still. There is a bit of suspense throughout the story, and a lot of characters. Probably if you’ve read the other books in the series you would be more familiar with them, but my memory sucks and I didn’t remember them especially well. But I still couldn’t help but hope that Mack and Tasha were able to work through their troubled past and find a bright future. And they did. Another excellent addition to the series.

7/2021 Stacy Alesi, AKA the BookBitch

WHEN I FOUND YOU by Brenda Novak. MIRA; Original edition (June 29, 2021). ISBN: 978-0778331940. 352 pages.







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  1. patgalca says:

    I just bought this one and is my next read… then I found out I won the latest Brenda Novak book box which contains this book. So I will keep the autographed copy and gift the other to a friend.

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