WHEN STARS COLLIDE by Susan Elizabeth Phillips

Chicago Stars, Book 9

From the publisher:

#1 New York Times bestseller Susan Elizabeth Phillips returns to her beloved Chicago Stars series with a romance between a Chicago Stars quarterback and one of the world’s greatest opera singers—and a major diva.

“Re-entering the world of the Chicago Stars is like a beloved friend come to call.” — #1 New York Times bestselling author Robyn Carr

Thaddeus Walker Bowman Owens, the backup quarterback for the Chicago Stars, is a team player, talented sideline coach, occasional male underwear model, and a man with a low tolerance for Divas.

Olivia Shore, international opera superstar, is a driven diva with a passion for perfection, a craving for justice, too many secrets—and a monumental grudge against the egotistical, lowbrow jock she’s been stuck with.

It’s Mozart meets Monday Night Football as the temperamental soprano and stubborn jock embark on a nationwide tour promoting a luxury watch brand. Along the way, the combatants will engage in soul-searching and trash talk, backstage drama and, for sure, a quarterback pass. But they’ll also face trouble as threatening letters, haunting photographs, and a series of dangerous encounters complicate their lives. Is it the work of an overzealous fan or something more sinister?

This is the emotional journey of a brilliant woman whose career is everything and a talented man who’ll never be happy with second place.  Tender and funny, passionate and insightful, this irresistible romantic adventure proves that anything can happen…when two superstars collide.

Susan Elizabeth Phillips (SEP) is one of my favorite authors and I’ve read all her books. She does this series, which I love, and standalones, which are also excellent. SEP is a great storyteller, she reels in the reader, usually on page one, and doesn’t let go until the last page is turned. This was a one night read for me; I couldn’t put it down. Besides the romance aspect, there is also some suspense.

Thad is a backup quarterback for the Chicago Stars. He is a bit past his prime, but he is happy to mentor the newer, younger QB. Does he still want to start? Sure, but he is professional enough to understand his limitations. Let’s just say he’s no Tom Brady, but then again, no one is.

During the off season, Thad is recruited by a luxury watch company to go on tour promoting their watches. It seems like a good gig until he meets the woman he’ll be traveling with, a literal diva, an opera star. Olivia has no patience for dumb jocks, but turns out Thad is pretty smart. Thad doesn’t have much patience for divas, but Olivia is much more down to earth than Thad expected. Of course, protecting her voice is of the utmost importance, that is until she starts getting threats. Thad realizes she is being stalked and he can’t help but feel protective of her.

As they travel together, they get to know one another and fall in love. But logistics are definitely going to be a hindrance to their budding romance. Once the tour is over, Thad will be back to football and traveling with the team, while Olivia will be performing all over the world. Some big hurdles for sure, not to mention the stalker. It seems the threatening messages are coming from Olivia’s dead ex-fiancé, and Olivia is so frightened that is affecting her voice and she can’t sing, so that adds another layer to the story.

But this is a romance, so the happy ending is guaranteed. I’m just sad that now I have to wait another year (or more!) for another SEP book. If you haven’t read this series, this book stands alone just fine. But I highly recommend reading the entire series (because it’s one of my favorites.) You don’t have to be a football fan to love these books as long as you love a hot, sexy romance, as I do. If you are looking for a terrific summer read, look no further.

6/2021 Stacy Alesi, AKA the BookBitch

WHEN STARS COLLIDE by Susan Elizabeth Phillips. William Morrow (June 29, 2021). ISBN: 978-0062973085. 384 pages.







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