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From the USA Today bestselling “master of witty banter” (Entertainment Weekly) comes a hilarious and heartwarming romance about two enemies whose feud turns red-hot.

Maya Mehta will do anything to save her tiny, beloved community theater. Put on musicals she hates? Check. Hire an arrogant former-pop-star-turned-actor? Done. But what Maya really needs to save her theater is Matchmaker Bay’s new business grant. She’s got some serious competition, though: Benjamin “Law” Lawson, local bar owner, Jerk Extraordinaire, and Maya’s annoyingly hot arch nemesis. Let the games begin.

Law loves nothing more than getting under Maya’s skin, and making those gorgeous eyes dance with irritation. But when he discovers the ex-pop star has a thing for Maya, too, Law decides he’s done waiting in the wings-starting with a scorching-hot kiss. Turns out there’s a thin line between hate and irresistible desire, and Maya and Law are really good at crossing it. But when things heat up, will they allow their long-standing feud to get in the way of their growing feelings?

I feel like I’ve read this story before (because I have) but I don’t care, Holiday does her usual good job of building believable characters that I actually cared about, a warm, wonderful setting, and enough angst to keep those pages turning.

Maya has a big heart. She loves the theater but understands that the tiny beach town is not really enough to keep it going. So to bring in outsiders, she snares a former boy band member to star in her new production. She has barely enough money to keep going, so she gives him her apartment to stay in and gets down to work.

The town meeting reveals a pleasant surprise; they are offering a grant to a local business, Maya desperately needs that money, but she has some competition. A local bar owner is also vying for the grant. Law is well liked in town, but he is not as desperate as Maya, and she’s sure she has it in the bag. But the road to success is paved with many speedbumps, least of which is the hot boy band member trying to date her and her increasing attraction to Law.

This was a fun read and a good escape for a few hours. I ask for nothing more than that!

6/2021 Stacy Alesi, AKA the BookBitch

SANDCASTLE BEACH by Jenny Holiday. Forever (March 9, 2021). ISBN: 978-1538716571. 432 pages.







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