Hazards of Dukes, Book 3

From the publisher:

The author of the “sparkling” and “steamy” (Entertainment WeeklyNever Kiss a Duke returns with the delightful third book in the Hazards of Dukes series as a rigid duke enters into marriage with a rebellious lady.

Thaddeus, the new Duke of Hasford, holds his new title reluctantly, but his sense of duty is strong. Task number one: find a wife and secure an heir. He thinks he’s found the perfect choice in Lady Jane Capel—until her sister Lavinia bursts onto the scene. Vivacious, rebellious, and strikingly beautiful, Lavinia is determined to keep him away from her shy, sweet sister. And she’s also determined not to think so much about his broad chest and strong thighs.

When Lady Lavinia and Thaddeus end up in the most compromising position, witnessed by Lavinia’s mother and nearly everyone at a party, they’re forced to get married to protect their reputations. With no love between them, but with an heir to conceive, they strike a bargain in bed. Only Lavinia demands passion, and Thaddeus complies, with both of them realizing this marriage of convenience may turn into much more…

The forced marriage is a popular trope in historical romances, especially among Dukes. They have to do the right thing, and Thaddeus knows he has no way out of it. While Lavinia realizes she is physically attracted to the Duke, he just finds her loud and too flamboyant to be a duchess, but he is also physically attracted to her. While her sister Jane might have been more what he was looking for, Lavinia wasn’t going to let that happen anyway. And turns out she was right.

There is a lot of passion between Lavinia and Thaddeus, but shockingly for any romance book, the sex isn’t perfect right out of the gate. Lavinia is a bit disappointed but thinks she can get what she wants by asking for it. So she does. Thaddeus is actually thrilled that she cares enough to ask for what she needs, and their sex life goes off like fireworks once he starts listening.

This was a very sexy book, but there are also some laughs along the way. Lavinia and Thaddeus have a lot of hurdles to overcome to get to their happily ever after, and the journey is a real page turner. If you like fun, sexy romances, don’t miss this one!

5/2021 Stacy Alesi, AKA the BookBitch

A WICKED BARGAIN FOR THE DUKE by Megan Frampton. Avon (April 27, 2021). ISBN: 978-0063023086. 400 pages.







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