ANIMAL INSTINCT by David Rosenfelt

K Team Novels, Book 2

From the publisher:

The K Team is back in the second installment in this spinoff series from bestselling author David Rosenfelt’s beloved Andy Carpenter mysteries.

Corey Douglas and his K-9 partner, a German shepherd named Simon Garfunkel, are recently retired police officers turned private investigators. Along with fellow former cop Laurie Collins and her investigating partner, Marcus, they call themselves the K Team, in honor of Simon.

The K Team’s latest case – a recent unsolved murder – gives Corey a chance to solve “the one that got away”. Corey knew the murder victim from his time on the force, when he was unable to protect her in a domestic dispute. Now, he is convinced the same abusive boyfriend is responsible for her murder. With some help from Laurie’s lawyer husband, Andy Carpenter, the K Team is determined to prove what the police could not, no matter the cost. What they uncover is much more sinister than they could have imagined.

Known for his dog-loving stories and addictive characters, bestselling mystery author David Rosenfelt presents Animal Instinct, the second installment in this engrossing new series about a dynamite investigative team and their canine partner.

David Rosenfelt has earned a place at the apex of the literary world through his delightfully tongue in cheek novels about the lawyer that does not want to practice law, Andy Carpenter.  Andy has developed a crew that aid him in seeking justice (albeit reluctantly) in providing defense council for a wide variety of worthy clients. His crew also includes dogs which play their part in the goings on. 

Rosenfelt began work on an offshoot group of books featuring the “K” team which included Andy’s wife Laurie, an ex police officer; Marcus, the very strong very silent investigator and all around dispenser of protection when needed; and Corey Douglas, a retired police detective that worked with a German Shepherd named Simon Garfunkel. Andy helped Corey take the dog into retirement with him. This book is the second novel featuring the “K” team although Andy does take a leading role in the proceedings.     

Prior to his retirement, Corey interceded in a situation with a man beating up his girlfriend.  Corey was not able to arrest the individual and continued to feel as if he failed the woman in that nothing would prevent her being the victim of violence in the future. The situation opens when Corey, now a civilian comes upon the woman again and finds her murdered.  Evidence is found implicating him and he is brought up on charges of murder. Andy takes his case and arranges for Corey to be out on bail awaiting trial. The situation than becomes Corey with the help of the other members of the “K” team working to prove his own innocence.    

Same approach as in the novels featuring Andy; lots of humor, wise remarks and the inclusion of Simon Garfunkel and Andy and Laurie’s dogs going against a prosecutor in court that pursues his own brand of justice throughout the trial that is the main part of the book. The novel assumes the same place as the stories featuring Andy – rewarding to read, fun and very light.

Note from the BookBitch: What is going on with this cover??? Worst cover since the original cover of his first book, First Degree.

4/2021 Paul Lane

ANIMAL INSTINCT by David Rosenfelt. Minotaur Books; 1st edition (April 6, 2021). ISBN: 978-1250257208. 304 pages.







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