BONE CHASE by Weston Ochse

From the publisher:

In true The Da Vinci Code fashion, a taut thriller filled with rival factions vying for control of the truth in a giant global conspiracy.

There were giants on the earth in those days—at least that’s what the Bible says. But, where are they? Did they ever really exist at all?

When out-of-work math teacher Ethan McCloud is sent a mysterious box, he and his ex-girlfriend begin to unravel a mystery 10,000 years in the making—and he is the last hope to discovering the world’s greatest conspiracy. Chased by both the Six-Fingered Man and the Council of David, Ethan must survive the chase—and find the truth.

The author presents a novel about a hunt for giants that have ostensibly been living on earth since prehistoric times.  He intersperses references from various written sources about contacts and proof that such a race has been existing among regular-size humans for centuries.

Ethan McCloud, a laid-off teacher of mathematics, receives a box from his father who has suddenly died with a plea to continue the work started by his dad and many others.  Preparing to begin a search for the truth about the existence of giants Ethan gets a note from an ex-girlfriend of his that left him to join the army.  They meet and both immediately recognize that they need to be together.  The difference is that his ex-girlfriend is now a trained killer who supplies the machismo in the story while Ethan comes out as a timid soul.  Okay, turnabout is fair play and we go with this – about time no?     

In the process of attempting to find the truth about the existence or not of a race of giants Ethan and his now accompanying girlfriend – Shannon- find that there are two groups who have and are involved in contact with the giants.  One is the good guys the other the not-so-good guys. A lot of the activity in the novel is checking these groups out to see which is which. The giants leave traces of bones from their dead bodies delineating a race that might be anywhere from 12 feet all the way up to 30 feet.  Both groups looking for them have, of course, been rivals and enemies for many years but both behave very nicely with Ethan.  Certainly not the killers that one associates with evil.     

Bone Chase is an easy to read novel that does not command staying with it until finished in one gulp. It is a book that is entertaining and allows a pleasant read when the reader wants to read just for reading and does so casually relaxed.

1/2021 Paul Lane

BONE CHASE by Weston Ochse. Gallery / Saga Press (December 1, 2020). ISBN: 978-1534450097. 336 pages.







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