THE MOSSAD JOB by Menahem Misgav


From the publisher:

Back in the old days they used to do it for a living.

Now, they are looking for a revenge.

Rotem is a retired Mossad agent, a proud grandfather and a man who enjoys life to the fullest. One day while on a trip to Europe with his wife, he listens to an interview on local radio that utterly infuriates him.

The interviewee, Meshulam Muller, is a Dutch Jew who immigrated to Israel, was recruited into the ranks of the Mossad, and was subsequently fired from the organization while still in training. Ever since, he has been busy dealing in expensive works of art and most of all, tarnishing the reputation of the organization in every possible forum.

With the same focus and determination of his best days in action, Rotem decides to gather some friends who served with him in the Mossad. After so many years of Muller bad mouthing the organization that is so sacred to them, they decided to run a sting operation on Muller. This brilliant and precise scam will scare and embarrass him.

However, the members of the team, who were so used to being at the cutting edge, realize that times have changed. Situations they had never known in their operative past upset their reality through and through and with it, their entire operation…

A fascinating look into the Israeli Mossad the top tier of the Israeli clandestine spy organizations. The author apparently did not serve in the Mossad, but his insights into the organization seem to be founded on some inside information. The novel has an interesting plot, a cast of characters that are depicted as having served with the Mossad and are currently retired, and the villain of the piece who briefly served with the Mossad but was let go by them as being unfit for duty.

Meshulam Muller is a Dutch Jew that emigrated to Israel, joined the Mossad but was found unfit for the group and let go. Since his departure from the spy organization he has been dealing in expensive works of art and at the same time making sure that he continuously works at tarnishing the reputation of his short-term employer. Rotem is an honorably retired member of the Mossad; a proud grandfather and living with the love of his life. While on a trip to Europe with his wife he hears a radio broadcast by Muller the content of which infuriates him. He decides to exact revenge and does so in true Mossad fashion. He assembles a team, draws up an operation plan, and paying attention to the details proceeds to set up a scam on Muller. This is not to kill him but to get the man to give them a sum of money approximately equal to the funds he gained via utilizing the attacks on the Mossad. The aim is to get the money, donate it to charity and make Muller aware that he has been scammed.

The operation is described with the various retired Mossad agents playing the parts that approximate what they did while active. The novel is a short one and lends itself quite neatly to starting and finishing it in one comfortable read. It is also a reason to look for Misgav’s next book.

8/2020 Paul Lane

THE MOSSAD JOB by Menahem Misgav. Independently published (May 7, 2020). ISBN: 979-8643989912. 172 pages.


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