DARK HOLLOWS by Steve Frech

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“Dark Hollows” is Steve Frech’s first published book. If this is the first book published I’m positive that his readers are in for long periods without a good night’s sleep as they enjoy his future novels and his skill in writing them. The book is a ghost story – but is it? Whatever it is it brings the reader to a truly surprise ending after going through many changes of opinion.

Jacob Reese is the owner of a successful coffee shop as well as a cottage in a small town in Vermont called The Hollows. He came there after experiencing the traumatic pain of watching his girlfriend die violently and wanting to change his life.

At the same time that his girlfriend dies, he lost both his parents, although the only good part of that was that they left him everything they had. This gave him the wherewithal to afford the move and set up his coffee shop and buy the cottage.

The cottage is in an excellent location with adjacent attractions and is easy to rent. Jacob can pick and choose the people he rents to and normally has the cottage occupied. Most people looking to rent supply references that can be checked out until one day he gets a call from a woman that wants to rent the cottage but doesn’t supply the normal information. Jacob makes the decision that he will rent to her and the lady indicates the day and time she wants to come. When she arrives Jacob sees her and gasping, is sure that the woman is Laura, his dead ex-girlfriend.

Suddenly Laura, if that who she is, is everywhere he goes even after she leaves the cottage. She has a scar on her face that Laura had, the same color hair and looks like her with the appearance of a girl that is a bit older than Laura looked at her death. Who or what is she, and what does she want at this period long after her death? The answers are found after a mesmerizing read and a good deal of coffee. A very well done novel be it the first published or the following books and the work of a gifted author.

12/19 Paul Lane

DARK HOLLOWS by Steve Frech. HQ Digital (December 6, 2019). ASIN: B07SC6GJQP. 384p.

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    Love the sound of this one!

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