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A Jericho Quinn Thriller Series, Book 8

Marc Cameron’s principal protagonist makes another appearance in this novel. Like the previous books featuring Jericho Quinn and his team, the story involves continuous action and more action. The entire novel is one long adrenaline rush.

The current book begins as a Cuban scientist, his wife, and little girl arrive on the coast of Florida after fleeing Cuba. He brings a secret that he is anxious to impart to American authorities. Unfortunately, he and his wife are killed by Cuban revolutionaries along with an American that spotting them on the beach goes over to help them. The American and his wife are good friends with Jericho and have managed to call him by cell before they are killed.

To exact revenge for the killing and to find out what is the secret that the Cuban scientist was anxious to bring, Jericho and his team travel to Cuba posing as tourists out for a few days holiday on the island. The Cuban government finds out that Jericho is there to find the reason for the scientist’s death and take steps to correct the situation.

Cameron presents a picture of the conditions present on Cuba which are at variance with the face that the Island nation tries to present to the world in order to attract tourism. It is one of devastation and poverty almost beyond imagining. A place where the leaders of the revolution are the rich with everyone else trying to scratch out a living. The reasons for the huge influx of boaters attempting to arrive in the US is very apparent. It is a case of a possible good future but with the risk of drowning or facing a lifetime of destitution, the crushing of the population by the secret police and endless spying by the dictators.

The plot of the novel is easy to follow. Find out what secret the scientist was bringing. Go through the mounting opposition by the Cuban authorities to Jericho and his team finding out and the hurdles appearing on a constant basis which must be surmounted in order to get the job done.

11/19 Paul Lane

ACTIVE MEASURES by Marc Cameron. Pinnacle; Reprint edition (November 26, 2019). ISBN 978-0786042692. 576p.



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