36 RIGHTEOUS MEN by Steven Pressfield

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A story based on the Hebrew legend of 36 Righteous men, whose hidden presence in the world keeps it from destruction. No one knows who these men are, but according to the legend, if they are ever all killed the world will be destroyed.

James Manning and Covina (Dewey) Duwai are detectives working for the New York City police department involved with a special unit handling special crimes. They are called to investigate a case of two men being murdered via the same method, and then it is discovered that two others were killed in Russia in a similar fashion. Investigating the cases, Manning and Dewey enter the Jewish community in New York in which the concept of 36 Righteous Men appears. If all of them, wherever they are, are killed then so the legend states the world comes to an end.

The novel is narrated by Dewey who becomes Manning’s helper and chronicles the events as investigations into these murders goes from New York to Israel and moves into an excavation site in the desert.

The book is a quick read, interesting enough to finish, but unfortunately, the premise behind it and what happens is more than a little far fetched. I’ve read other Steven Pressfield books and will pick up what he writes, but this one is far from his best.

11/19 Paul Lane

36 RIGHTEOUS MEN by Steven Pressfield. W. W. Norton & Company (November 5, 2019). ISBN 978-1324002895. 360p.



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