COLD STORAGE by David Koepp

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The novel opens as U.S. government bio terror operative, Roberto Diaz, and his partner, travel to a remote area in Australia. They are there to investigate the possible presence of a bio terror attack.

Instead, they find a highly contagious viral entity that, if allowed to spread, could very well wipe out the entire population of Earth. The two find the town that has been attacked filled with dead bodies of people killed by the virus. The virus is contained by the simple expedient of aerial bombing the town and area around it destroying everything. A small portion that survives the destruction is placed in a sealed container, taken back to the U.S. by Roberto and placed in an area that is underground and heavily fortified

Years later, we get to the “exciting” part of the book. The virus has leaked and is attacking the storage area it is contained in. Two security guards have detected it, and called the government agency indicated on an instruction sheet they are told to use if a leak has been detected by an internal guidance system. Roberto Diaz, now retired, is called upon to travel to the site and take any measures necessary to contain it. He does so and in an informal team up with the two security guards, takes those measures deemed necessary to destroy the virus. And WOW.

“Cold Storage” is the first book published by David Koepp, although his background certainly points to his ability to capture and keep his readers. As indicated in a resume of his credentials, we learn that he was the screenwriter for “Jurassic Park.”

That the novel is one that keeps the readers unable to put it down is a fact. I am anxiously awaiting his next book with an eye to being first on line to get it. And also wondering if the novel will be made into a movie; if so, it would be one exciting video experience.

9/19 Paul Lane

COLD STORAGE by David Koepp. Ecco (September 3, 2019). ISBN 978-0062916433. 320p.



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